Quality management has just been made easy in Cameroon as Ess.BE opens its doors in Douala. We offer Quality management consultancy services to food businesses, service value companies and product value companies as well as charity organisations. Soulmates Biznes Empire is a limited partnership with 5 partners. Apart from Quality management, Individuals can benefit from other services offered by its partners like branding travel aid, music business, Engineering consultancy.


The quality management services we offer involve activities such as employee training on some quality control concepts and internal auditing.We therefore out to help entrepreneurs to assure quality in the product and service they offer. Quality assurance strategies we put in place enable you to meet up with your customers requirement.

The finality of our Quality management services is an international certification; ISO 9001, ISO 22000. 

With Quality management systems you can save more money and keep loyal customers in a short time. We are therefore out to help you avoid losses due to quality mismanagement. 



“Ess.BE before appearing into the scene, Ess.BE just like every other young business in Cameroon suffered from low capital and was mainly surviving from members’ share until my family rode on a white horse and saved the day” Tengu solange (Founder/CEO).

In 8months We have had 12 leads and worked successfully with 6 clients. We attracted one committed client who just became a share holder. This is a major achievement since all this happened  without Ess.BE having a physical location. Now you are welcome to visit us in Douala-cameroon. Ess.BE also has business representative in UAE, Europe and the USA.



*Our Vision 2021  is  to bag an ISO 9001 certification.

*Vision 2030 is to brand and mobilize 30+ African businesses through Quality management strategies. 



Our mission is to provide our clients with comprehensive services that inspire trust, continual improvement, demonstrate recognition. Quality management Services that benefit the society as a whole. We are out to Identify and grow new businesses through implementation of basic quality control systems. Through a positively synergistic approach and a friendly working environment Ess.BE and its partners would work in synergy to achieve a global quality objective. In this light, employees are to be treated fairly, empathy exercised and quality service rendered.



Mainly we seek  to accompany small, medium and big organisations in building the base for obtaining national & international certifications through objective quality control strategies.
Specifically, we seek;
*To carry out quality audits;
*To Train employees and business owners on basic quality management strategies to product value companies  and service value companies; 
*To educate consumers on how to identify(recognize) and differentiate a quality in a product/service;
*To educate the consumers on basic consumer rights;
*To document and implement standard operation procedures; 
*To add value to the lives of the less privileged youths through mentoring and coaching.
Other objectives from partners ;
*To provide international travel aid 
*To give the client a brand voice and put the client on the spotlight through quality promotions both online and offline promotions;
*To provide quality content and community management services to organisations and individuals.

Ess.BE Ethos

Exercise empathy in all undertakings with one another: We put our self in your shoes no matter the odor.

Be each others keeper; “We” will always be greater than “I”. If i loose i loose, if we loose; we win.

A wise man once said nothing: At Ess.BE listening to you is our priority. we wont speak unless you want us to. 

Do it right the first time: Your first experience with us will be the best and that’s our brand promise to you.

coach and mentor a kid to thrive: Our services are rendered for free to kids(15 years and below). its time to give kid preneurs a chance to thrive.

soulmates eventually meet because they have the same hiding place.