Quality control and branding go along side by side . Your business branding is built in our affordable quality control certification services. 


 we would like that you take a second and ask yourself what you understand by branding and how it relates to your business or person. We are here to give you insights on all that and how it links your business or person.

Your brand is not your logo! But your brand starts with your logo. Your brand is the impression people leave with after they have had a contact with you or your business. From personal branding to branding of your entire business, we will  give your brand a powerful voice.

Now, before we dive into this, understand this “Your logo is not your brand!”


If you ever doubt the concept or how you want your logo to look like, dont hessitate to consult us for expert advice on that and more.  We wouldn’t be talking too much as far as this is concern. This is one of the most difficult aspects of graphic designing. Unless you come out clear with the concept of how you want your organisation to be represented, you will still doubt the product services you render to clients. It is important to create a logo that even in your absence, it’s gonna stand for itself and for you and pass the message across. Feel free to check on our partners and samples of our designs.



Soulmates biznes empire puts in place quality strategies for your brand to create long lasting impact and stand out from the crowd. Understand that, we do not only brand clothing lines, shops, art work and businesses, but we go as far as branding your personality. There are lots of millionaires loosing contracts to their competitors, just because they cannot represent themselves and their companies well to their audience. Remember that your brand is your promise to your clients and you must live to fulfill that promise.

Only brand strategists at Ess.BE can offer you this service and thats a fact!  The craziest thing about is that, you can print anything on anything. It could be plates you eat from to mugs for offices and house use, shirts, books, pens and even under wears.  Quality is What makes the difference; the material ad the ink. Now look at it this way, how do you feel when you present yourself and have to borrow a pen to copy a contact? Come back and see yourself issuing a complementary card to your partner, clients? Classy right? It’s not about the expensive way but the most advanced way possible. Get your names, company names, face or logo on anything you want, just think of it. It could be the shirts, mugs, Fliers, billboards, complementary cards, books, pens, dishes, etc. We got you.

Brand corresponding and Representation is not all about a logo or website nor Printing, it’s an experience, not any experience, but your experience. An experience which can influence the purchasing decisions of your clients. That is why whatever you do and however you do it, Ess.Be will work with your organisation to replicate your unique customer experience. Contact us and see how partnering with us can replicate your unique brand and customer experience to increase customer loyalty, revenue and market share. Once your brand entered the market, monitoring conversation, about what is said about your company products or services is crucial to proper brand management. Not only understanding where your customers interact online, but having a presence that generates response and turns distractors to loyal clients through page monitoring, providing instant response to post and comments. Reputation monitoring, EssBe will monitor the web for any comments, gossip concerning your products, or services, or your organisation as a whole allowing you to engage on platforms you may be unaware of. 

Our brand management and quality control strategies form a synergy. A system that will make your business stand out from the crowd. We help you through;