Consultancy is what we do best to existing and Still-To-start Businesses. In other words Ess.BE gives advice to business owners who wish to improve on quality. Our consultancy services are not only to CEOs or entrepreneurs. In other words, Ess.BE does not only work with those who have businesses.  In Addition to these  we found a way to be of help to individuals through our partners.


Consultancy Areas of Focus

Our main consultancy area of focus is Quality management. Thanks to the partners we dont end at Quality management consultancy. In other words we offer other services;

who benefits from our Quality management service

Food businesses are the top beneficiaries to this service. this is so because food of low quality is not just bad for business but can cause the loss of life. More so, other product value companies equality need our total quality consultancy to thrive. For example a detergent company needs to put out quality product.   Above all, service value companies and organisations too can benefit from our quality management consultancy services. For instance, a telephone service provider company needs a set of documentation procedures to ensure that their service satisfies the customer. Above all, service value, product value and food businesses need their employees trained and mentored. Because they are the main players in the quality feild. More about this service.

Your brand and Quality management consultancy

Your business branding is built into our our quality management services. In other words, our quality management services helps grow your business. That is our promise to you and your brand. More about this service

Your music career and Quality management

This is the one of the service value businesses which benefit from our quality management consultancy services. Musicians, artistes can benefit from our promo and management packages.  We give them expert advice thanks to our management contacts and expertise. more about this service

Quality management and travel aid

The excellent  travel aid service we offer our clients is thanks to the Quality assurance measures. We give advice to service value companies who want to improve on the quality of the services they offer. Artists we manage gain from this service for free.  More about this service

Quality management & Charity

Charity organisations are services value “companies”. As a means of giving back to the society, our consultancy goes to charities. Mainly through our charity organisation Kids hall of talents foundation. EssBE offers free services to youths .  As a means to encourage the growth of young business owners in Cameroon. In the same light, We help charities to write standard procedures.  Above all we help persons who want to start up a charity with important documentations. More about this service

To conclude, our services lie within but dont end at quality management consultancy.  Quality is assured the other services we offer. As a result,  Branding, Travel aid, Music/Talent management services will satisfy you. You  can try us and see for your self.