Gone are those days when the bar for such opportunities was at 25year-35years. It has been stepped down 13years-22years. we now have kid-preneurs who are even younger than the age range mentioned.

Its time for kid-preneurs!

Many kids dream of having their own business, but don’t know where to start. We show you the ins and outs of being a young entrepreneur, from brainstorming new ideas, to marketing a product, to selling to customers. Get inspired by stories of social entrepreneurs, green businesses, and kid millionaires, who all share their secrets on how to become a ‘Biz Kid’.

In November, 2017 in Cameroon, a charity organisation was created and registered as Kids hall Of Talents Foundation ; A charity organisation that identifies, nurtures, develops and promotes talents in kids while promoting their moral well being and educational rights. Kids identified are trained in activities such as football, basketball, music, dancing, fashion designing etc. By creating Talent identification platforms we are able to get a database of talented kids. These talents are then nurtured and harnessed into a valuable self sustainable skill.

If you know Any kid out there doing something industrious please don’t hesitate to expose the kid.

Help your children become a kid-preneurs. If you don’t know how to, we are here to help you. One simple rule:

  • Let them watch: Many kids by simply watching other kids do amazing stuffs get inspired to feel comfortable and express themselves. to enable them watch, you can get them to attend our events or contact us to buy our entertainment kit.
  • Let them participate: when we organise a kid event, make sure to Register your kid(s) to participate in at least one activity.

Kids in music:

KOWAN stands as the youngest rapper (8 Years old) in Cameroon .He is the second in a family of 3 boys and hails from Bamenda in the North West Region.. With his Time to Shine video at the first round of the competition, KOWAN was able to propel himself to the realm of stardom when his track recorded 47000views; far above the second contestant who managed to have 8000views. KOWAN again took fans to another level when he introduced a bottle dance tune at the Semi-Finals, scoring 18000views within a period of 7 days, making him the first to qualify for the finals of the 237showbiz Music Competition.

KOWAN started seeing the light in showbiz when he poured lyrics on Ycee’s Jagaban beats in a free style that went viral and brought about a wild explosion in the Cameroonian music industry. The Cameroonian public was shocked seeing a small kid rapping so well. BeforeKOWAN’S outing, he had been working underground since 2016, gaining experience from his idol FANKA, drawing inspiration from established artists like Stanley EnowSarkodie as he received sound musical training from KIDS’ HALL OF TALENTS FOUNDATION that identified the potentials in him.