when it comes to quality control management in Cameroon, we give you the best. Quality management consultancy is our main area of focus.

Quality Control

About our quality control services

Before reading this section you could find out if you you need the service. After identifying your self with a particular sector of activity you can discover more about quality control services. Also how much and time and money you will need to put in.

Employee training and Quality control management

One of the main services we offer to assure quality control is employee training and sensitization.

In a typical food industry, we train employees on good hygienic practices/ Good manufacturing practices. Above all we do train them on general employee codes of conduct. We write and implement standard operation procedures. Procedures to be applied throughout the production chain.

In a Service value company, our main training focus will be on work ethics and customer service. Seemingly, these are two main factors that affect the quality of services

Documentation and implementation of quality control procedures

There is no quality control without paperwork. We identify processes in a system and establish procedures to follow Other wise known as standard operation procedures. This is one of the most important yet neglected aspect of quality control. HACCP which is the most vital system in a typical food industry is incomplete without established procedures. 

Quality control Certification

This is the finality of our services as quality control management experts. Every industry sector is concerned with this particular offer. in other words, be it a food industry, other product value companies and service value companies. Above all, charities too are not left out. All these industry sector require a basic certification called the Quality management system series. For instance ISO 9000 and ISO 9001. This is called the registration and our services will get you there.

In addition to the basic registration certificate (ISO 9000 series) , food industries require a  specific one called HACCP and ISO 22000. EssBE is vision it to get you there. read more about certifications and their importance here.

summarily, the quality control management services Ess.BE offers include

  • Establishing the minimum requirements necessary to certify professionals, organizations and products(which includes training of employees as per the requirement) 
  • Reviewing and verifying the qualifications of applicants for eligibility to be considered for the certification evaluation 
  • Developing and maintaining reliable, valid, and current certification evaluations 
  • Granting certificates to qualified candidates, organizations and products, maintaining records, and publishing a directory of the holders of valid certificates (With the help of partnering certification bodies.
  • Establishing requirements for the periodic renewal of certification and determining compliance with those requirements 
  • Ascertaining that our clients meet ethical standards in their professional practice.