North West Region

Hilly and mountainous Region with grass field landscape, the visitor here has a wide variety of traditional palaces, waterfalls, crater lakes, Afo Akom, handicraft shops and other cultural artefacts which make it a regular tourist destination. Also found in the northwest are the saddle hill ranch bafut, Abi fall Mbengwi, Lake Nyos etc

Littoral Region

The ‘ngondo’ festival is deeply rooted here, and other seaside pastimes abound as the indigenes of this Region celebrate their intimate relation with water. The entry point into the country for most visitors and harbours a lot of historic monuments. Natural attractions such as the waterfalls of Ekom Kam, lake Ossa and large commercial plantations.

SouthWest Region

Home of the highest Mountain in the country and in Central and west West Africa, Mount Cameroon. The coastline here also has attractive beaches. Further inland, the Korup national park has a wide variety of rare animals and trees. Also found in the southwest region are; Limbe Botanic garden and Semme beach with very attractive features and great opportunities for photography.

North Region

The visitor has a wide variety of options, ranging from national parks, hunting area, horse displays, traditional palaces to the attractions of the Benoué river with a dam at Lagdo and several archaeological sites where fossil remains of dinosaurs have been found. The national parks here include those of the Benoué, Boubandjida and Faro.