TENGU Solange is the CEO of Soulmates Biznes Empire. She doubles as the CO-Founder/Community manager of a charity organisation called Kids hall of talents foundaion. You will definitely pick up some Interesting lessons from her journey. 

Tengu solang ceo of soulmates biznes empire

Tengu Solange's Educational Background

Tengu solange is a Cameroonian. She traveled most of her educational journey in cameroon’s North west Region. Solange obtained her ordinary level from G.B.H.S Bamenda. In 2008 she got her advanced level from St. Bede’s College. 3 years later,  she graduated from the university of Buea with a  Batchelor’s Degree in Microbiology.


In 2014, Tengu Solange opted for a 2 years Master’s degree program  in Quality Management. 2 years later, The University of Ngoundere granted her desire. Quality management she believed is what will make her life professional and independent as immediately as possible.

Motivations/ life experiences

Solange just like a majority of youths in Cameroon at the university wasn’t a fan of extracurricular activities.Her main focus was obtaining good grades and believed that anything out of the classroom would be a big distraction. A big distraction to drift her further from her goal. Unfortunately for her, Universities in Cameroon have laid down sports as a discipline all students must partake. she opted for Judo; a discipline she thought was easy so she will be done with it, and with good grades too. To her greatest dismay, she couldn’t enroll in  judo discipline because the judo list and all other disciplines were full. Tengu Solange had to choose between basketball and athletics. Knowing running wasn’t her thing she took basketball. 

Tengu solange and basketball

 Surprisingly, the trainer points her out during a regular practical session and suggested she joins the University team. The task was to defend the school’s image in this sport. She didn’t believe in herself and the coach’s judgement  because she had never played a game of basketball before.  Consequently, she turned down the proposal so she could focus on other subjects she deemed more important. Like Ken Robinson will put it, “the trainer spotted talent in her. At the moment knew this is the game changer in his team”. This can also change her personal life and maybe her professional life. She only took him seriously after a year of constant pressure to join the team. However, She limited her play to school milieu for obvious reasons. 


Turning challenges to opportunities

Identifying herself with Basketball at that time brought happiness. “I still remember the days i would sit in my room for a whole day without talking to a single soul. I wouldn’t answer the door nor the phone. Some days i just felt so low and it felt good ignoring the world…” Tengu Solange.  She pointed out and explained how she underwent serious mental challenges as she suffered from depression during the first year at the university. Weight gain took over, peer pressure gave in.

The fun travelling from one Region to the other and one university to another. The prestige of representing your school and of being at the spotlight. Above all the feeling of self worth. As a result, She started performing better on the other subjects. 


After she obtained a masters degree in quality control management, She worked with 3 companies. Among these was SASEL S.A. where she offered her quality management services for a couple of years. Through all these years she has greatly improved her people skills and communication skills.  More so, she acquired and developed new skills and in web designing, graphic designing, project management and branding. Drawing motivation from her personal childhood experience Tengu Solange  believes we need to  rebuild the next African generation. To do so,  we have to start from the youths. In her words, “we need to defeat a system which requires a 26 year old graduate to have 10 years working experience. in other words, We is to mold skills and talents in young persons”. Her personal experience while growing up has been her motivation towards her societal responsibilities.

Societal responsibilities

Drawing motivation from her personal experience, She uses her skills  to make life  enjoyable for the less privileged. Working mainly with kids through coaching and mentoring. Through her charity orgnanisation  called Kids’ Hall Of Talents Foundation. In conclusion, she found a way to give back to the society what she didn’t have.

The search for Purpose

Identifying her talent in Basketball built  more confident above all enhanced her performed at school. Identifying your talent and purpose in life is a quick remedy to depression After all. Her gratitude goes to the coach who identified her talent and persuaded her to be part of the team.  She believes her childhood would’ve made more meaning if she had identified her talent earlier. Tengu searched for the  best corrective measure for her past experience. Seemingly, to create a structure that would serve as a  cradle for value driven talents and skills.

Tengu Solange will like to identify herself like one of those promoting the ideas of Muhammad Yunus (Social Business). By contributing in removing poverty from this world by tackling social issues. To see people do something with their lives. Like they say  “from little acorns do trees grow” . She believes through her experience talent should be groomed from the early age. In her own words “I want others to identify their gifts as early as possible and start nurturing it. In other words, talents/skills should not surprise  you at a later age. when other seeming priorities have taken shape”.

Kids Hall Of Talents Foundation

Meeting Mr. Che Emmanuel Bayong, a young talented sports education teacher. who trained kids in Basketball for  FENASCO  at that time  they kick started kids hall of talents foundation. A platform to groom skills and talents in kids. This would be a Africa’s cradle for value driven talents and skills.

Soulmates Biznes Empire

In 2018 She registered a partnership structure that aims to help entrepreneurs improve  the quality of their products or services. Together With Hilary Safor,  Rex NJI and Kimbi Cyrille they built what is known today as Ess.BE. Thanks to them EssBE provides many  other services.

Media Features

Tengu Solange has shared her story and personal experiences through Media and radio houses. For instance, CRTV, Canal 2 English, STV,  CBS radio, Abakwa FM radio, Planet FM radio, Nabstar TV. In addition she featured in national magasins like Laary’s News Room, La voix en moi, Entrprendre Magazine Issue 007.  Above all, has been regular on an Afri-Startup platform website. Through these platforms, she  shares her views on pertinent societal issues. On days like 11th February (youth day) and March 8th. As well as  June 16th (Day of the African child),  October 10th (Day of the girl child). She always has something to share that can inspire.